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Single-Family Home Jizerské Hory / Prodesi

From the architect.

The basic materials for this home are those used in traditional simple rectangular cottages with gable roofs found on the region’s mountain roads. The design of wooden structures on top of plinths is another of marvel in the region. This combination was rarely used in traditional buildings.

The upper structure rests casually on the stone plinth. In this home the upper wooden structure is cantilevered over the stone plinth as if an avalanche had moved it.

The plot of land has its aspect to the West affording a panoramic view of the valley. A local road provides access to the parking area near the house on the northwestern border of the plot.

The entire plot of land is quite rocky and there is a prominent rock formation in the southwest corner that provides a beautiful view of the entire region. There are several small boulders "scattered" here and there.

The requisite covered vestibule on the ground floor provides protection from bad weather. Next to the vestibule there is an unheated storage area, hall, toilet, small kitchen and a living room that can be configured in various ways connected to a covered terrace. The terrace features large shutters for comfort in the winter.

There is a utility staircase leading from the main living space to the basement workroom and the attic, where there are three bedrooms and a bathroom.

The facade of the house is made of interlaced vertical larch planks that were left to weather naturally. The window frames, shades, and metal roof are coal gray. Local stones decorate the outside of the plinth. The white shutters lined with cement planks are decorative. We used this color in keeping with traditional wooden homes in the area so the home would blend in with the surroundings.


Timber in a variety of forms and finishes is used extensively in the interior. The large sliding and solid walls are made of spruce. The floor in the main living space is made of brushed oak planks. Under the panoramic window in the interior there is a long bench leading all the way to the covered terrace. The fireplace at the center of the home and main living room heats the ground floor as well as the attic.

Courtesy of Prodesi

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